Meet the maker

My garage is my workshop. The home of saw dust, wood chippings, small pieces of wood, huge slabs of wood and a whole lot of tools. My wife calls it the man cave and if she ever can’t find me then she knows just where I’ll be. I have always loved making things out of wood, but C.L.Woodworks was born in 2017 after a massive life change and a kick up the backside saying life’s too short. C.L.Woodworks stand for Charles Lambert, or Charlie and Laura as my wife likes to call it. A husband and wife team of Woodworker and Graphic Designer. No project is too big, or too small and I am always up for a challenge. 

No projects too big

My work ranges from small intricate items such as coasters and bottle openers, but I always like to sink my teeth into the larger stuff like, dining tables, benches and king sized beds. Bespoke projects are welcomed and personalised items can be made to order. I am happy to work together with your ideas to create something truly unique to you. Don’t forget to say hello. 

In the workshop

As always I have been keeping busy working on new projects. I always like to share what I have been up to and you can keep updated with my projects here. You can also find a lot of my current work on instagram so don’t forget to take a look. 

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